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700,000 hours of operation on our Power FlexEfficiency portfolio

Skills & Expertise

  • Power Generation 
  • Gas Turbines 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Product Development

Unleash the Performance of F-Class Gas Turbines

The Power FlexEfficiency™ portfolio delivers a suite of hardware and software blended solutions that enable you to unleash the full performance and long-term value of your existing GE F-class gas turbine assets. Whether your operational demands require more output and efficiency, lower emissions and fuel use, more reliability, or all of the above, we’ll partner with you to choose from the core components and complementary technologies that will best meet your needs.


About Stefan

Stefan and his team are responsible for developing upgrades as part of GE’s broader approach to supporting customers with cleaner, smarter, and more efficient ways of operating their power generation equipment.

Prior to his current position, Stefan spent eight years as a system integration leader on numerous successful F-class development programs. He joined GE in 2001 as a turbine hardware designer in Greenville, S.C. Prior to joining GE, Stefan worked in gas turbine design and manufacturing at Pratt & Whitney.


BS, Mechanical Engineering
Ohio University

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