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Year in Review

GE Reports’ Top Stories of 2023

Caroline Morris
December 21, 2023

In their final full year together under the 132-year-old GE banner, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace notched hundreds of stories worth celebrating. Here’s a list of the dozen most read articles of 2023, counting down from 12 to 1. 


12. Leaning Into Quality: GE Vernova’s Onshore Wind Business Is Sharpening Its Focus for a More Powerful Future

Since mid-2022, Vic Abate, CEO of GE Vernova’s Wind business, and teams of lean ambassadors have been meeting day in and day out, implementing a vast catalog of quality improvements to bring the business to new heights of success. “We are making sure we have the world’s best-running fleet,” says Frank Baur, who leads manufacturing transformation at Onshore Wind. Read our in-depth report from July.


11. SMRs, Deploy! GE Hitachi Signs Four-Party Agreement to Bring Small Modular Reactors Online This Decade

In March, GE Hitachi, along with companies in the U.S., Canada, and Poland, announced a major agreement to develop and deploy small modular nuclear reactors around the world as the shift toward net zero picks up momentum. This investment in nuclear energy will be key to filling in gaps when when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. Find out more.


10. With Final Delivery of Last 747, Dave Kircher Sees a New Era Dawning for GEnx

“In aviation, everybody can probably tell you two things: the first time they flew anything and the first time they flew on a 747,” says Dave Kircher, who manages the program for the GEnx engines that have powered the iconic jet for years. In January, the last 747 rolled out of Boeing’s factory in Everett, Washington, marking the final chapter in its storied 50-year history. Read about it here.


9. Veteran Family Chosen for 35th Season of ‘Military Makeover With Montel’ in Partnership with GE Aerospace

This fall, GE Aerospace was the presenting sponsor for Military Makeover With Montel, a reality show in which one service member in the country is chosen to have their family home renovated. This year, the show landed in Lynn, Massachusetts. Who was selected? Jason Carmody, an Iraq veteran and now a captain in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ police force. Read the touching story here.


8. No Small Feat: GE Hitachi Takes Big First Step Toward Bringing Small Modular Nuclear Reactors to the U.K.

Advanced nuclear technology is one decarbonization tool that GE Vernova supports in the transition to cleaner energy. The United Kingdom, which gets 15% of its electricity from nuclear energy, wants to triple its 6.5 gigawatts of output by 2050 as part of a “green industrial revolution” plan. One element in that future energy portfolio might be GE Hitachi’s BWRX-300 small modular nuclear reactor, which this year took a key step closer to being approved there. Find out more.

7. ‘The Backbone of Indian Aviation’: GE Aerospace, CFM Close One of Commercial Aviation’s Largest Deals Ever

Not too long ago, air travel in India was a nearly unimaginable luxury. Now, that’s all changing. This February, Air India announced that it would buy 400 single-aisle and 70 twin-aisle commercial aircraft, signing an agreement with GE Aerospace for 40 GEnx-1B and 20 GE9X engines to power the latter, and 800 LEAP engines from CFM International, a 50-50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, to outfit the narrow-body fleet. Read how the record-breaking deal came about.


6. Urgent Power: A Mobile GE Gas Turbine Will Help Supply Energy in Wintry, War-Torn Ukraine

Blackouts have become routine since Russian forces began targeting Ukraine’s power utilities in October 2022, while millions of residents driven from their homes have had to huddle against the cold in makeshift shelters and bombed-out buildings. To help, the U.S. government’s humanitarian agency USAID and GE Gas Power teamed up earlier this year to ship a TM2500 gas turbine to the country. The portable turbine can be wheeled into place to help Ukraine keep the lights on and the water flowing where it’s needed most. Read more here.


5. The Future of Flight: GE Aerospace Closes Week at Paris Air Show with Big Deals on GEnx, LEAP, and Avionics

Visitors to the GE Aerospace chalet at the Paris Air Show back in June came away with three distinct impressions: The market for engines is growing, lean is working, and new technologies are on the rise. Here are more highlights and pictures from this year’s legendary air show.


4. Bottlenecks Begone: How GE Aerospace Devised a Way to Make Engines and Save Hundreds of Millions in Inventory

Travelers are flocking to airports again, and that means surging demand for jet engines. But the supply chain for the parts that make up those engines is incredibly complex. That’s why a lean management solution called “plan for every part,” or PFEP, has become such a vital tool for GE Aerospace facilities across the hemisphere. Our report tells you how it works.

3. The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Crammed With Electronics. It’s Up to GE Aerospace to Keep Them Working

The F-35 stealth fighter is flown by the militaries of 10 nations and plays a central role in the U.S. armed forces’ plans to upgrade its fleet. The array of electronic and avionics systems that make it tick are the responsibility of GE Aerospace, which this spring signed a new contract with Lockheed Martin to maintain and repair those systems on F-35s around the world. Read more.

2. A World of Good: Six GE Innovations That Are About to Change Everything

All year, GE has been working on the latest innovations to create the future of flight and drive decarbonization through the energy transition. But none of this would be possible without some exceptional individuals. Read about six extraordinary GE innovators who are working to realize a lower-carbon future, and check out our interactive map released for Earth Day, highlighting our breakthrough energy technologies.

1. Remembering Nick Perugini, a Key GE Executive and Beloved GE Team Member

Nick Perugini was, as his GE colleagues recall fondly, smart, passionate, and a source of unbridled optimism. “Nick found the time during the day to do everything that he was committed to and still make every single person working with him feel like they were his number one priority,” says one teammate. Read this moving tribute to Perugini, chief information officer of corporate functions and capital technology, who died in May but still lives on in the hearts of the many people whose lives he touched.


Credits: Lockheed Martin, GE Vernova, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Boeing, Brandstar Entertainment, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Air India, USAID, GE Aerospace, GE Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, GE, courtesy of Perugini family