Data Sources

Workflow provides the ability to connect to external data sources to access the data contained within those applications.

When these data sources are configured, their data (for example, tags, displays, SQL statements) are used to bind to data items in equipment, workflows, and condition events. The available data sources and their uses are as follows:
  • The Historian data source allows you to connect to Historian servers to read from and write to Historian data tags. You add Historian tags to Workflow and then use those tags as data sources throughout Workflow.
  • An OPC client provides direct access to data served by OPC Data Access (DA) servers without relying on Historian as a bridge between an OPC server and Workflow.
  • An OPC UA client provides direct access to data served by OPC Unified Architecture (UA).
The Data Source Editor is used to select the data tags and other data items to be used when configuring data items, as well as when configuring connections to Historian servers, OPC Clients, and OPC UA Clients.
  • You can add up to 3,000 data items from each Historian and OPC DA data source you connect to.
  • You can add up to 5,000 data items from each OPC UA data source you connect to.
  • The Historian server you want to connect to must be on the same network domain or workgroup as the Workflow server.
  • You can configure the Historian server only once.

For information on working with data items, see Data Items.