Configure a data source item for a resource

This procedure is used to configure data source items for equipment, events, and workflows.

  1. From the navigator, select the model that contains the resource you want to work with.
    In the next pane, a list of resources appears.
  2. From this list, select the resource you want to work with.
  3. If applicable, from the next list in the hierarchy, select the resource you want to work with.
    Tip: As more lists appear, select the appropriate resource until you find the one you are looking for.
  4. Access the Configure Data Source dialog box from within the current editor.
    For...Access the...
    EquipmentProperties tab.
    Condition EventsVariables tab.
    WorkflowsEdit Data Items dialog box.
  5. Expand the data source that contains the data item you want to bind to, and then select the data item.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Item specific configuration section, configure the method.
    Note: Item configuration depends on the selected source and item. Some items do not require configuration.
  8. At run time, if you want to return all data from the selected item, select the Return all data option.
  9. At run time, if you want to return a subset of data from the selected item at run time, select the Return only a subset of data option, and then from the data tree, select the data you want returned.
    Note: If the item returns only a single piece of data, the Return all data option is selected, and you cannot retrieve a subset of data.
  10. Click Finish.