Archives contain the project run-time data that is no longer in use. Archived files are stored on the server's file system, and can be restored as needed.

By default, the server's file system is located at C:\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy Workflow\Program\Archives. The file system allows you to protect your data.

The Archive Details area displays the archive file name and location, the creation date and time, and the size of the file. If the client/server connection is severed, the server will continue to complete its tasks. When the connection is restored, the server will then notify the client of the change.

However, if the server shuts down before it finishes the queue, all the pending archives (as well as the one in progress) are lost. They are not recovered when the server runs again.

If any archiving process encounters a failure, the archive contains the word Failure instead of the archiving date. In addition, more details about the error are listed in the right pane under the section called Archiving Faults.

Note: Pending or In Process archives cannot be deleted.