eSOP Orientation

eSOP (Electronic Standard Operating Procedures) offers a simplified solution for managing and developing workflows. It increases the efficiency of your development process by using different skill levels to develop the final workflow product.

The simplified step-by-step process separates the complexity of workflow design from constructing and maintaining the actual task and task step content. An important advantage of eSOP is that users are able to be part of the basic workflow development process without knowledge of authoring the more complex structure of a workflow.

Two Types of Users

Workflow Designers
These users have in-depth understanding of the business and/or production processes in their organizations, as well as expertise in designing Workflow applications to support those processes. They are responsible for creating or adapting workflows for interface with the eSOP feature through specialized activities, and then designing templates that tie those workflows to step-by-step tasks developed in eSOP by the process experts.
Task Builders
These users have in-depth understanding of specific production processes in their organizations. They are responsible for constructing eSOP tasks that outline the steps required to complete the most commonly performed activities during production.