Resource Information and Configuration

This section describes the models and other resources that must be configured before you can use Workflow.

Materials are the substances or components that are used to make something else. A material can be a finished product in its own right, or an unprocessed raw material.

The Inventory View provides read-only information on material definition quantities in lots and descendant sublots associated with material definitions and equipment resources.

The equipment model presents a structured hierarchy of resources to develop a modular representation of a complete production or manufacturing organization in a physical and functional context. The model is flexible, addressing batch, continuous, and discrete production types, or representing inventory storage.

The production model presents a set of resources used to describe a product as a collection of components and the processes applied to those components.

Events are a fundamental part of production. The events model is used to map out the critical events that occur to control production. These events can be created within this application or from external systems, and can be used to control workflow execution.

The Event View displays multiple active condition and time events in the Proficy System and the resources that currently are attached to the events.

Resource actuals show the as-performed actual values for a resource during a production cycle. A resource actual is associated with a resource specification, making it easy to compare actual and specified values for properties.

Property groups are containers for properties. They allow you to read from or write to the properties of a resource.

Aspects are a mechanism for dynamically extending existing resources by adding new attributes and business logic without modifying the original objects or recompiling them. They can be used to extend the attributes of an existing object, or they can link two or more disparate entities.