Email Server Configuration

You use the Email Editor to manage the email server configuration. From the email server, you can send out emails from a particular sender automatically.

  1. In the navigator, click Proficy System > Proficy System.
  2. From the Displays panel, select HW/SW > Email to display the Email Configuration Setup page.
    Note: The Email Configuration Setup page appears.
  3. Enter information into the following fields, and then click Save.
Server host nameUser-definedSpecifies the host name or IP address of the SMTP server.
Enable SSLN/AEnables SSL encrypted communication to SMTP server.
Server port numberUser-definedSpecifies the SMTP server's port number.
AnonymousN/ASelect this option if you have anonymous access to the server. Selecting this option disables the User Name and Password entries.
User/PasswordN/ASelect this option if you want to use user authentication when sending an email message.
User NameUser-definedAccount user name used to authenticate to SMTP server.
PasswordUser-definedAccount password used to complete authentication to SMTP server.
Server timeout valueUser-definedEnter the number of seconds allowed to connect to the SMTP server before timing out.
Default sender addressUser-definedEnter the email address from which all emails will be sent.
Default sender nameUser-definedOptional: Enter a name related to the email account from which emails are being sent.
Test recipient email addressUser-definedEnter a recipient's email address in order verify the email server configuration.
Send Test MessageN/AClick this button to test the email server configuration settings. If the configuration is correct, the recipient will receive a message from Workflow Server.