Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails

Workflow provides the ability to electronically sign forms in the run-time environment and to create an audit trail of those signatures, as well as audit other configuration changes made to the system.

You can use electronic signatures to create a more secure environment by requiring that operators electronically sign for data entry changes on forms in the Task List. An electronic signature uniquely identifies the operator making the change, and can optionally require the electronic signature of another person to verify the change. Operators no longer need to use paper and pen to record and sign for their actions, and the possibility of losing or damaging such records is essentially eliminated.

An audit trail is necessary for regulatory compliance, because it provides a method of recording actions that have been performed in the Workflow system. An audit trail helps to prove that you have control of your process and allows you to track not only what occurred, but when it occurred, and who was responsible for the occurrence. For example, an audit trail can be used to assist with an investigation of a product discrepancy.