Configuring Recovery Mode

About this task

Recovery logic is activated when the OSI PI Collector and OSI PI Data Archive reestablish a connection after a connection loss, or when the OSI PI Collector is started. The OSI PI Collector will attempt to recover all data samples between the current time and the last known write time, up to a maximum number of hours configured for the collector. Continuous collection resumes only after the previous data has been recovered.

The default recovery time available is 4 hours. You can disable recovery mode by setting the Maximum Recovery Time to 0 hours.

To configure a maximum recovery time:


  1. Start Historian Administrator.
  2. Access the Collectors page.
  3. Select OSI PI Collector.
  4. Select Configuration.
  5. In the Maximum Recovery Time (hr) field, enter a Maximum Recovery Time, in hours. If this field is left blank, the Maximum Recovery Time will be set to 4 hours.