Tag Attributes Available in Browse

You can specify tags for collection in Historian Administrator for the OSI PI Collector or OSI PI Distributor by browsing or by adding tags manually. The following table outlines the tag attributes available when browsing:
Historian Tag Browse AttributeOSI PI Tag Attribute
Browse Source AddressTag
Description PropertyDescriptor
Engineering Unit DescriptionEngunits
Hi Engineering UnitsZero+span
Lo Engineering UnitsZero

When entering tags manually, it is important to match the Historian tag data type with the data type of the OSI PI tag. See OSI PI Collector and Distributor Supported Data Types.

Regardless of how you add tags to Historian, you should match the timestamp resolution. If your OSI PI tag is using timestamps with milliseconds, then configure your Historian tag to store timestamps with millisecond resolution as well.

The OSI PI distributor reads data from the Historian tag displayed in the Tag Source Address field, and sends it to the OSI PI tag name displayed in the Spare 1 field. To control the source and destination tags, change the Tag Source Address and Spare 1 fields.