Workflow for Using the Calculation Collector

After you have added an instance of the Calculation collector, to perform a calculation using the collector, you must perform the following steps:
Step Number Description Notes
1 Create a tag administrative security group. In addition to defining the iH Tag Admins who have the power to create, modify, and remove tags, you can also define individual tag level security to protect sensitive tags. This step is required to prevent a user from intentionally or unintentionally launching malicious VBScript code. For example, if a user connected to the data archiver created a calculation tag to file system object, that user could potentially delete all the files on your hard drive. To prevent this, implement tag-level security.
1 Configure the Calculation collector. This step is required only if you want to change the default values for collector-specific parameters.
2 Create the source and destination tags. To do so, you can add a tag manually using Historian Administrator or the Web Admin console. Or, you can copy a tag using Historian Administrator or the Web Admin console.
Note: You cannot browse a Calculation collector through the Add Tags From Collector window in Historian Administrator.
This step is required.
3 Assign a trigger to the destination tag. This step is required only if the tag is unsolicited (that is, event-based).
4 Define the calculation formula. This step is required.