Configure the Calculation Collector


  1. Access Historian Administrator.
  2. On the Main page, in the Collectors section, double-click the collector that you want to configure. Alternatively, you can select Collectors, and then select the collector from the Collectors pane.
    The General section of the collector appears, displaying the properties of the collector.
  3. Select Configuration, and then enter values as described in the following table.
    Field Description
    Calculation Timeout (sec) The maximum time a calculation must be performed before being terminated. The default value is 10 seconds. If the calculation takes longer, it is canceled, and a bad data quality sample is stored in the destination tag with a subquality, calculation error.
    Max Recovery Time (hr) The maximum time, in hours till now, that the collector will attempt to restore data. This is applicable only to event-based tags. The default value is 4 hours.

    If you want to disable automatic calculation of the tag, set the value of this field to 0.

  4. Pause and resume the data collection. Or restart the collector.
    The Calculation collector is configured.