Step 5. Send an Ad hoc Broadcast through the Broadcast Queue Manager


  1. Click Ad hoc Broadcast on the Broadcast Queue Manager UI menu bar.

    An Ad hoc Broadcast page displays.

  2. Create an ad hoc broadcast.

    Fields for configuring the ad hoc broadcast are as follows.

    Field Description
    Device Options Select one or both of the following.
    Devices All devices configured for the IIS server. A selected device will print the ad hoc broadcast.
    Device Groups Groups configured on the Device groups page. All of the printers in a selected group will print the Broadcast message.
    Priority The priority given to an ad hoc broadcast static to other broadcasts. The priority can be changed on this page. Broadcast Queue Manager will update it in the system.
    Data Message that you enter to be broadcast.


  3. Click Send Data when you are ready to broadcast.


Broadcast sends the message. Exactly when the message will be printed depends on the ad hoc broadcast priority and the length of the queue(s) for the selected printer(s).