Step 1. Create a Broadcast Form Site


  1. Right-click the top folder in the TrackerCfg_UI.
  2. Select the following on the popup menu.
    1. Select Lock
    2. Select New>Folder to create a new folder.

    A new folder is created.

  3. Name the folder, e.g. BCO_SITE.
  4. Create a new site (routing control object) as follows.
    1. Right-click BCO_SITE.
    2. Select New>Routing Control Object.

    A new site is created.

  5. Configure the following fields.
    Field Description
    A Name Name of  the new Routing Control Logic.
    B Resource ID Resource ID used by the Routing Control Logic.
    C RLM Point The RLM point must be:
    • The same name as your Routing Control Object
    • A virtual point
    • A Text point.