Exercise 1.1. Plan the Tracker Factory Layout

About this task

Planning is the key to smoothly developing and executing your Tracker project.

Think about putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Is it easier to put together with or without a picture to use as a reference? Apply your answer to Tracker. For this tutorial create a rough representation of the factory floor as your planning step.


  1. Review the information on the Tracker Tutorial Scenario and Process Details pages. Pay close attention to:
    • Components in the process,
    • Areas that are described and
    • The direction and type of movement through the system.
  2. Plan the production process and translate this into the architectural terms of Tracker.

    Assume that there are:

    Simple LED beams set up between all the regions that will toggle points to tell when an item has passed from one region to the other.

    Note: When you create your own Tracker project, try to anticipate and map out many other details that you will become aware of as you go through this tutorial.