Tracker Training Script Key 1

Sub OnMouseUp(x As Long, y As Long, flags As Long)

Dim itemid As String Dim model as String Dim item As New prtItem

For i = 1 To 10

'Prompt user for the Carrier item id and model 'itemid = InputBox$("Enter CARRIER item id, please","Item ID Entry","") 'model = "00"

'Random generate item id Randomize Number = Random(1,5000) itemid = "C" & Number model = "00"

'Set the item properties item.regionid="LOAD_CONV" item.itemid = itemid

item.itemtypeid = model item.regionloc = -1 item.exthold 0 item.groupid = "MAIN" item.inthold 0 'Add the item to PRT item.Add

Next i

Dim Region As New PrtRegion

'Add Attributes for Carriers

Region.Id = "LOAD_CONV" A1$ = "CYCLE COUNT" A2$ = "LAST CYCLE" A3$ = "LAST CLEAN DATE" A4$ = "ON-LINE DATE" A5$ = "SUPPLIER" value$ = " "



for j = 0 to Region.ItemCount - 1

Region.Item(j).SetAttr A1$, value$ Region.Item(j).SetAttr A2$, value$ Region.Item(j).SetAttr A3$, value$ Region.Item(j).SetAttr A4$, value$ Region.Item(j).SetAttr A5$, value$ Region.Item(j).Modify

Next j

End Sub