Tracker Structure

  • Tracker and Application Processes
  • Production Tracking and Other CIMPLICITY Features
  • CimView Screens

Tracker and Application Processes

The Tracker module performs using a series of configurable resident processes:
Process Description
prtc.exe Production Tracking Data Collector
prts.exe Production Tracking Data Server
prtv.exe Production Tracking Configuration Validation Program

Additional resident processes can be configured for Routing and Control Objects (RCO). Production Tracking accepts:

  • Unsolicited messages from application processes that request Item and Tracking Region data.
  • Messages that request Item tracking data and Tracking Region data modifications.
Application processes:
  • Can send messages to Production Tracking to initiate production start for serialized and non-serialized Items.
  • Will communicate with Production Tracking through a limited set of Production Tracking application functions used to send the requests.

Production Tracking and Other CIMPLICITY Features

PRT: And Point Management
PRT: And Alarm Management
PRT: And Users

PRT : And Point Management

Production Tracking interfaces with CIMPLICITY software's Point Management module in order to receive CIMPLICITY software point data values.

Production Tracking is capable of receiving point data from multiple Point Management processes.

The interface with Point Management also

  • Transfers information on Items entering and exiting Tracking Regions,
  • Provides Point Management with information on Tracking Region status,
  • The quantity of Items in a Tracking Region and
  • The quantity of Items by type in a Tracking Region.

Configuration data specifies the information Production Tracking will provide to Point Management.

PRT: And Alarm Management

Production Tracking interfaces with Alarm Management in order to notify Alarm Management of alarm conditions.

Production Tracking can be configured to generate alarms when exception conditions are encountered as Items are tracked.

Users are notified of alarms based on their assigned role and their view of configured Resources.

PRT: And  Users

Production Tracking interfaces with users through a graphic user interface.

Graphic display of Region tracking data and Item attribute data is provided through CimEdit/CimView.

The User Interface provides users with a view of all regions and the data contained within those regions.

CimView Screens

Operator user interaction occurs in customized CIMPLICITY CimView screens.