Simulator Configuration Requirements

Four of the five files needed to configure the External Decision Simulator can be found in the Master directory of CIMPLICITY. The files are in binary format and must be converted to ASCII text using the IDTPOP Utility. The master.mcp can be edited directly. Also, files that have overlapping fields (for example, process_id ) must have identical values in order to run the simulator.

The required configuration files are:

  • physproc.dat
  • logproc.dat
  • node_logproc.dat
  • service.dat
  • master.mcp

The following steps provide instruction on configuring External Decision Simulator:

Step 1 Open an RCO project in Workbench
Step 2 Configure physproc
Step 3 Configure logproc
Step 4 Configure node_logproc
Step 5 Configure service
Step 6 Configure master.mcp
Step 7 Copy Decision configuration file