Production Tracking Application Interface

CIMPLICITY software's Production Tracking API lets application programs access Production Tracking functions. These functions include: adding items to the Production Tracking system; deleting items; modifying items; moving items, and modifying Region and Group tracking information. Using the API requires you to do the following:

  • Understand the subroutine interfaces and system capabilities provided by CIMPLICITY software's Production Tracking System. These functions are documented below.
  • Understand the configuration requirements for the Production Tracking System. The Production Tracking configuration data is described in the previous chapter.
  • Code appropriate applications programs.
  • Compile and link the programs (as explained in this section).

Contents of the Application Subroutine Interface

These files make up the contents of the Production Tracking Application Program Interface. These files can be used to write applications that interface with the Production Tracking system, and can also be used to compile and link a demonstration program.

The following files are distributed with the Production Tracking Application Interface utilities.

%BSM_ROOT% is the directory where the CIMPLICITY software is installed.

Include Files


Library Files



Include Files

The following header files contain definitions used by Production Tracking procedures; they therefore must be included in an application program that interfaces with Production Tracking.

#include <inc_path/cor.h>
#include <inc_path/cor_stat.h>
#include <inc_path/sc_recs.h>
#include <inc_path/netcom.h>
#include <inc_path/prt_api.h> (structure definitions, etc. required by the application program.)

Runtime Notes

If you start making off-node PRT calls to a project on a particular Tracking server, then move the project from the Tracking server to another computer, the local project will no longer be able to find the off-node project. You must restart the local project to pick up the server project's new location.