The ExtDec_api_init function initializes the RCO External Decision API. It allocates memory for a read / write buffer, creates an auxiliary asynchronous port, and initializes internal data structures. The event flag passed in will be set when asynchronous messages are received from the RCO. This routine must be called after the application calls ipc_register, and before calling any other RCOExtDec API routine.


COR_14 ExtDec_api_init (COR_U4 Event flag, COR_STATUS * Restat)

Event flag Event flag used to indicate when asynchronous messages have arrived from the RCO process.
Restat Pointer to status structure.

Return Value:

Either COR_SUCCESS, COR_WARNING or COR_FAILURE. If the function returns COR_WARNING or COR_FAILURE, additional error information can be found in restat.err_msg and restat.err_code . If COR_FAILURE is returned, the error was severe enough that the application should perform an orderly termination.