RCO External Decision API Functions

The RCOExtDec Application Programmer Interface (API) is used to access decisions from an external process. There are five API functions associated, each of which is explained in detail in this section.

The RCOExt Dec API:

  • Creates the auxiliary port for asynchronous decision request handling.
  • Reads the messages on the auxiliary port.
  • Stores messages in queue.
  • Provides messages to the application using the API.
  • Sends the response to the requestor.
Note: The response packed is provided by the application using this API.

The RCOExtDec API functions are:

  • ExtDec_api_init
  • ExtDec_api_get_msg
  • ExtDec_api_init_comm
  • ExtDec_api_send_decision
  • ExtDec_api_term
  • External decision simulator
  • Simulator configuration requirements
  • RcoExtDecision