Script 6.3. Check the Script for Adding Carrier Attributes

This code assigns attributes to the carriers.

Since this is basic for CIMPLICITY, it is recommended that you attempt to write it first and then check what you wrote.

Dim Region As New PrtRegion 'Add Attributes for Carriers Region.Id="LOAD_CONV" A1$ = "CYCLE COUNT" A2$ = "LAST CYCLE" A3$ = "LAST CLEAN Date" A4$ = "ON-LINE DATA" A5$ = "SUPPLIER" value$ = " " Region.GetItemList For j = 0 To Region.ItemCount - 1    Region.Item(j).SetAttr A1$, value$    Region.Item(j).SetAttr A2$, value$    Region.Item(j).SetAttr A3$, value$    Region.Item(j).SetAttr A4$, value$    Region.Item(j).SetAttr A5$, value$    Region.Item(j).Modify Next j