Step 5.2. Display CIMPLICITY Tag Details that can be Revised

The following tag configuration was entered for the CIMPLICITY point entered by Historian migration to accommodate differences in data definitions between CIMPLICITY and Historian. The details can be changed in Historian. However, if Overwrite is checked on the Historian tab in the CIMPLICITY Project Properties dialog box, when the OPC Server detects these tags as new (e.g. CIMPLICITY and Historian are stopped and started) and changes will be overwritten with the CIMPLICITY data.

A Tag list
B General tab
C Collection tab
A Tag list
  • Tags that fulfill search criteria are listed in the Tag Maintenance window Tags box.
  • Tag names for tags that came from CIMPLICITY points display as follows.

<OPC Server name >\\<CIMPLICITY project name>\<Point name>.<POINT VALUE>

  • Select a tag to display its details on the Tag Maintenance window tabs.
B General tab

The following field on the General tab can be revised in Historian

Field Default Entry/Action
1 Description Entry in the Description field in the CIMPLICITY Point Properties dialog box.
2 Update Updates tag details in Historian when clicked.
C Collection tab

The following fields on the Collection tab can be revised in Historian.

Field Default Entry/Action
1 Data Type Historian tag data type that provides a long enough field to accommodate its corresponding CIMPLICITY point data type.
2 Collection Type Options are:
  • Unsolicited.
  • Polled.
3 Collection Interval Options for an entered number are:
  • Milliseconds
  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours.
4 Update Updates tag details in Historian when clicked.
Note: The Historian OPC data collector uses the Historian Collector default settings as the collection defaults. You can change the settings for a selected tag. If you change the Historian Collector default settings, the new defaults will apply to new tags. They will not overwrite your customized settings for selected tags.