Step 6. Display CIMPLICITY Alarm Data in Historian


Click Collectors on the Historian menu bar.

The Collector Maintenance window displays.

1 Collector list
2 Configuration tab
1 Collector list
  • Collectors that are available for Historian are listed in the Collector Maintenance window Collectors box.
  • Collector names display as follows.

<Alarm & Event OPC Server name >\\<Collector name>

  • Select the <server name>_OPCAE_CIMPLICITY_HMI_AESvr_1.
2 Configuration tab

The last 10 CIMPLICITY alarms and events can be displayed through the Configuration tab.

Feature Description
A OPC Server PROGID The CIMPLICITY.HMI.AE.Svr.1  was installed with Historian.
B Show Last Alarms Opens a Show Alarms/Events window when clicked.


A Show Alarms/Events window lists details about the last 10 CIMPLICITY alarms and events.

Note: Review Historian documentation for more details about the Historian Collectors Maintenance Configuration tab.