About CIMPLICITY Integration with Historian

Historian enables you to archive data for historical retrieval.

CIMPLICITY provides a straightforward OPC interface that enables you to easily connect to Historian to archive CIMPLICITY point data.


Ensure that you have installed the following components:

Component Help Link

Historian Server

Warning: In Historian 9.0, when prompted for the UAA location during this install, be sure to select the URL where you have installed or where you will install Historian Web-clients.

Historian Collectors https://www.ge.com/digital/documentation/historian/version90/c_about_installing_collectors.html
Historian Client Tools https://www.ge.com/digital/documentation/historian/version90/t_hgs_installing_historian_client_tools.html

Historian Web-clients

Warning: Generally, to work with Historian 9.0, Historian Web-clients must be installed in order to set up data and alarm collection from a CIMPLCIITY node unless upgrading from using previous versions of Historian with your CIMPLICITY project(s).


Historian Server must be fully configured, either on a CIMPLICITY Server or on a remote server. The Historian Database and Historian Alarm/Event Database must be configured and functional.

Note: Starting Historian 9.0, you will need to add OPC and OPC A & E collector instances using Configuration Hub. Refer https://www.ge.com/digital/documentation/historian/version90/t_add_collector_instance.html

  • Historian provides detailed documentation to configure and use Historian. This documentation describes CIMPLICITY integration with Historian.
  • Historian 3.1x and lower are not supported on Vista or Windows Server 2008.
Step Number Description
Step 1 Select Alarm and Event Archiver during Historian installation.
Step 2 Enable the Historian OPC Interface.
Step 3 Select points to be logged to Historian.
Step 4 Open the Historian Administrator System Statistics window.
Step 5 Review CIMPLICITY point (tag) details in Historian.
Step 6 Display CIMPLICITY alarm data in Historian.
Step 7 Set up Historian connections to collect data.