Step 4. Open the Historian Administrator System Statistics Window


  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.
  2. Select  (All) Programs>Proficy Historian>Historian Administrator.

    Note: The location on your start menu may differ from this path.

    The Historian Administrator System Statistics window opens.

    • The Collectors box reports if the selected Historian OPC collectors are running.
    • The Historian OPC Collectors are as follows.
    A Historian data server <Historian OPC Collector Server Name>_OPC_CIMPLICITY_HMI_OPCServer
    B Historian alarm server <Historian OPC Collector Server Name>_OPCAE_CIMPLICITY_HMI_AESvr_1
    Note: The services status can be seen in the Microsoft Windows Services window.
    A Historian OPC Collector-_OPC_CIMPLICITY_HMI_OPCServer
    B Historian OPC Collector_OPCAE_CIMPLICITY_HMI_AESvr_1