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Transmission and Renewables Management

Transmission: Next generation energy management and market systems towards 100% renewable integration

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Content overview
  • Bringing the most modern collection of tools for transmission real-time management.
  • Meeting upcoming demands and keep grid reliability and stability.
  • Supported by a set of common Geospatial Asset Management, Network Model Manager, Analytics and Cyber Security tools.
  • Providing modular, natively interoperable and available for continuous deployment to ensure agility, scalability and time to value.

Video details

GE’s Transmission Software portfolio is the response for the challenges that generation, transmission, grid and market operators are facing.

GE Advanced Market Management System's architecture supports product-based modules covering applications such as look-ahead & real-time markets, capacity allocation, scheduling and balancing. Today, GE’s ADMS is in charge of 70% of the USA generation capacity and is trusted by Market Operators in Europe managing capacity auctions for 44 borders.

GE’s Advanced Energy Management system brings generation and network applications, renewables forecast and Wide Area Management Systems within a single solution. GE AEMS helps maximize renewable dispatch while maintaining grid security and resilience.

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Transmission and Renewables Management

Grid management software for 100% renewable energy

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power Digital
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Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

The framework to master progressively renewable generation by integrating EMS WAMS renewable and analytics into a modular solution

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Advanced Market Management System (AMMS)

Integrated solutions suite for energy market management.