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Platform 3.3 Advanced Energy Management System

40 mins

Content overview
  • Network Model Manager for fast network modeling and validation, providing auto-display generation and improved modeling of Renewables, DERs and HVDC
  • Enhanced SCADA introducing Intelligent Alarm Processor (IAP) and light displays (GIX)
  • New Platform 3.3 AEMS advanced applications aligned to Generation, Network, Renewables, WAMS, and Analytics pillars

Video details

To help power generation, transmission, and system operators manage the impact of renewable resource intermittency and variability, GE Digital Grid is proud to announce the release of Platform 3.3 Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS).

Learn about the latest advancements in the new release, designed to streamline the process of modeling new assets, facilitating model and data exchange between utilities with compatibility across traditional and modern measurement and control devices.

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