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Energy Transition

GE Digital Enters a New Energy Era

2 mins


  • Scott Reese

    Scott Reese


    GE Digital

  • Jim Walsh

    Jim Walsh

    Chief Execuitve Officer, Grid Software Solutions

    GE Power

  • Colin Parris, PhD

    Colin Parris, PhD

    Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    GE Digital

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GE Digital’s executives describe the role software plays in the energy transition and how it is helping utilities bring more renewables online.


Jim Walsh:

What's so compelling about GE Digital is we're really a combination of a software company that's got industrial roots. We're not building software in a vacuum somewhere,.  We're building that software based on years and. years of relationships with customers, years of living in the market space. 

When you look at the verticals that we have settled on within GE Digital, they're all verticals that have got a role to play as it relates to decarbonization. The energy transition is fully upon us, around the world everybody is talking about decarbonization.

Colin Parris:

The key thing that's happening in the transition is that there are a lot of things that are changing.  The environment is changing. New sources of electricity are changing. Customer demands are changing. The ability of a human to handle all of those changes and do the right thing at the right time is very hard. 

Software allows you to take that data, and the workflows, and allows you to respond to that dynamic environment, making decisions that are good for you now and good for you in the future. 

Jim Walsh:

I think what's really starting to come to light now, what I'm excited about is the role of the grid in this energy transition. The grid has oftentimes been referred to as the most complex machine ever created by man. Today, the grid is transforming in to a complex highway interchange. The grid must handle inflows of renewable energy from offshore wind farms, onshore wind farms, panels on homes and a myriad of new sources.  We're moving into an era where, instead of the grid being run, it really needs to be orchestrated because you've got so many more moving parts. And, software is the glue that holds all the pieces together. 

We're really ahead of the curve in understanding the criticality of software and the role that it was going to play in these world-changing transformations.

Scott Reese:

You think about GE Digital. And you think about all of the history that GE has and all of the different industry that it plays in, really the development of the modern, industrial world. We have the footprint. We have the knowledge. We have the history to reshape the future.  

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