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Proficy 2023 Webinars: Proficy CSense Industrial Analytics & Process Digital Twins

Analytics and Process Digital Twins

GE Digital’s proven industrial analytics software optimizes asset and process performance - as well as sustainability efforts - with a Process Digital Twin.

Industrial organizations can use Proficy CSense with your existing machine and plant systems to discover hidden opportunities for optimization. Also, Proficy CSense easily integrates with GE Digital’s HMI/SCADA, MES and historian.

Proficy CSense 2023 provides:

  • 5-in-1 process optimization software - analyze, monitor, predict, simulate, and optimize
  • Fast time to value and ability to do real-time, closed-loop control
  • New comprehensive PID control loop tuning for plant and enterprise optimization (PLC/DCS/SCADA vendor independent) with auto-tune for optimal performance and auto-remember of controller configuration to save time for faster tuning of similar loops
  • Ability to create analytics once and run them anywhere - on-prem or in your Virtual Private Cloud (AWS or Azure)
  • Newly improved support for large-scale analytics deployments on single server - ranging from hundreds to thousands

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Continuous Improvement Using Proficy Csense Software

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According to IndustryWeek research, 70% of companies want to learn more about analytics, but the big question is how to get started.


With industry-leading expertise in data science and analytics, GE Digital can help.


We’re offering 6 free hours of consulting to jump start your analytics program in conjunction with Proficy CSense, the world’s most powerful industrial analytics software with 5 capabilities in one very affordable package.


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Staying competitive means progressing with machine learning and analytics. Fortunately, the journey to success doesn’t require that process engineers need to be data scientists.


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