Modify the ActiveX Task List installation configurations

Before you begin

Note: To change the server name, use the Configure Client tool. For more information, see Modify the server configuration for a remote client. If you install the ActiveX Task List on a different machine than the application server, you must access the Configure Client tool from the following location: ../Program Files/Proficy/Proficy Task List/Program.


  1. From the Start menu, select the Task List Configuration.
    The Proficy Task List Configuration page appears.
  2. To add or modify a server, in the Server Name section, enter the fully qualified name of a server.
  3. To modify the login authentication, in the Server Authentication section:
    Manual Loginprompt the user to enter a user name and password at each login.
    Control Propertyallow the user to view the user name and password in the host's object properties.
    Password Encryptionlog the user in automatically.
  4. If you selected Password Encryption in the Server Authentication section, add user credentials in the User Configuration section:
    1. In the Users panel, click Add.
    2. In the Details panel, in the User Name field, enter an existing Workflow user name.
    3. In the Password field, enter your user account password.
    4. In the Confirm Password field, enter your password again.
  5. Click Save.