Task List Configuration

The configuration tool allows you to modify server information and its authentication credentials.

Before configuring the ActiveX Task List, note the following information:

  • Each installation of the ActiveX Task List can connect to only one Workflow server at a time.
  • At a single workstation, only one Task Indicator object and one ActiveX Task List object can be connected at a time per HMI application instance.
  • Workflow task controls and GE HMIs are related, but work independently from each other. Therefore, user names and logins are separate.
  • Like the Workflow client, the NET. TCP Port Sharing service must be enabled to use the Task List in a host application.
  • To change the server name, use the Configure Client tool. For more information, see Modify the server configuration for a remote client. If you install the ActiveX Task List on a different machine than the application server, you must access the Configure Client tool from the following location: ../Program Files/Proficy/Proficy Task List/Program.