Limitations of Excel Add-In for Operations Hub

Following are the limitations for Excel Add-In for Operations Hub:
  • When you query the data variables having the data type as String, Byte or Array, a null value is returned.
  • The following calculation modes return bad data upon query:
    • Minimum Time
    • Maximum Time
    • First Raw Time
    • Last Raw Time
    • Time Good
  • When Operations Hub UAA is opened (logged in) in browser and then if you try to connect to Operations Hub UAA from Excel Add-in, sometimes, a blank UAA login page appears.

    Workaround: Refresh the browser window which pops up authorize window and then, select Open UaaAuthSchemeHandler.

  • Querying an object type having many properties and containment objects, results in error: proxy server could not handle the request.

    Workaround: Use the On Demand approach when the selected Object Type is having many data variables and contained objects within it.

  • When the Operations Hub details are updated using the Configuration window, the Operations Hub Server and UAA URL are not retained on reinstall, update or upgrade.

    Workaround: Re-enter the Operations Hub server details during reinstall or upgrade.

  • When the data variables are searched and selected from the Object Type hierarchy, previously made selections of data variables (before search) are not retained.

    Workaround: Remove the text entered in the Search text box and select Apply for all the previous selections to be applied.

  • Failed to get access_token error is encountered even without performing any action.

    Workaround: Get token from Operations Hub UAA server using Configuration menu.