Use Predix UAA with Web Admin

About this task

This topic describes how to use Predix UAA with web admin. You can, however, choose to use any other UAA service with web admin.


  1. Create a client with the following details:
    • Under Authorization Grant Types, select the authorization_code and refresh_token check boxes.
    • In the Scopes and Authorities boxes, enter uaa.none,historian_visualization,openid,uaa.resource,historian_tuner.admin. If you want to use the REST Query application securely, add: - zones.<zone-id>.query, historian_rest_query_service.user
    • In the Redirect URI box, enter https://<machine ip>:9443/historian-visualization/login.
  2. Create a user in the Predix UAA instance.
  3. Set the environment variables of the UAA service.
  4. Restart the Webadmin-uaa Docker image.
  5. Log in to the following URL with the user credentials that you have created: https://<IP address of the machine on which the web admin Docker image is running>:9443/historian-visualization/hwa
    The web admin home page appears.