Overview of Tuner

Tuner is an application for designing and automating the administrative tasks of the Historian database. You can perform tasks such as:
  • Changing the tag properties
  • Changing the data store properties
  • Creating a back-up of archive files
  • Restoring the backed-up archive files
  • Purging data
You can perform these tasks using the web admin as well. However, using tuner, you can provide inputs using a JSON file, which allows you to automate these tasks. You can also perform these tasks repeatedly at regular intervals.

You can set up tuner on Predix Edge or a generic Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or CentOS.

Tuner exposes REST APIs to upload the JSON file. For example, if you want to back up data of the last seven days, you can create a JSON file with the following content:
 { "Historian Node": "",
  "Data Management": {
    "Back Up": [
        "Datastore Name": "User",
        "Back Up Path":"/data/backup",
         "Number Of Files":7