Historian for Linux Libraries

The following libraries are available in Artifactory. Use the following information to ensure that you can access the files.

For Predix Users

To access Artifactory links, you must first create an account on predix.io. Your predix.io account sign-in credentials will be used to access Artifactory.

Collector Toolkit

The Collector toolkit is a C++-based library you can use to write custom Historian collectors. You must write the source code to handle interactions with respective sources (for example, OPCUA, Modbus, and so on). Collector interaction with Historian and features like store and forward and auto-reconnect to Historian is automatically handled by this library.

The library is compiled in Ubuntu 16.04 x64.

User API

The user API is a C library used for adding, deleting, and updating tags for a collector. Usually, you can manage tags using web admin, but alternatively, you can use this library to do this programatically.

The library is compiled in Ubuntu 16.04 x64.