Overview of the Historian Database

The Historian database is a database of native timeseries data. It is a TCP/IP server, which uses the port number 14000 by default. It contains the following types of files:
  • .iha files: Proprietary binary files, which contain the archived timeseries data.
  • .ihc files: Proprietary binary files, which contain metadata. These files store information about tags and properties of collectors, data stores, and archive files.

The folder that contains the .iha and .ihc files is volume-mounted on the host file system so that data remains persistent.

You can set up the Historian database on Predix Edge or a generic Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or CentOS.

You can migrate data from Historian for Windows to Historian for Linux.

Important: The Historian container must have a valid license file to access all the features, including high tag count support. If a valid license is not provided, Historian for Linux switches to demo mode (which supports only 32 tags) while starting the Docker container. Use the HS_LICENSE_FILE_PATH environment variable in the historian-archiver-conf.json file to provide the absolute file path of the valid license file.