Release Notes

Table 1. New Features and EnhancementsThe following new features and enhancements have been added.
Description Tracking ID

Support for Array tags in Linux historian

Historian for Linux now provides support for array tags.


Historian Rest Query Service

Historian Rest Query service now supports querying the Array tag data type.


Historian MQTT Collector

Historian MQTT Collector now supports Array tags.

Table 2. Resolved IssuesThe following issues have been resolved.
Description Tracking ID
Previously, when using the MQTT collector, the Output.msq buffer file size did not decrease after reconnecting and sending data to the destination Historian server. This issue has been resolved in the following image ID of Historian for Linux: 0ccd57605973 DE136980
Table 3. Known IssuesThe following issues are unresolved.
Description Tracking ID

When using the public REST APIs, an error occurs if you use the host name of the source Historian server.

Workaround: Use the IP address instead of the host name.

When using the REST query, an error occurs if you query the latest data point using the GET method.

Workaround: Use the POST method instead of the GET method.

In the Historian archiver, cyclic archiving does not work. DE137212
When you query data using the REST query service, the filter condition is not honored when the order is by desc. DE136984
Sometimes, the server-to-server collector crashes with status code as 139 in the Docker logs. This issue appears when you restart the source Historian server multiple times. DE102770
When using a tuner, you must run the data management task prior to the data store configuration and tag configuration tasks. DE103207
When you attempt to back up the archive file using web admin, an error occurs. DE102197
On web admin, the free-space statistics for time-based archive do not show the value 0 (zero), DE103473

When using the server-to-server collector, sometimes, the database crashes. This happens when the server-to-server collector is running when the database restarts and the collector tries to connect to the database.

Work around: Stop the server-to-server collector, start the database, and then start the server-to-Server collector again.

Using web admin, if you query a tag that contains { or } in the name, an error occurs. DE103439