Connect to an External UAA Server

About this task

After you set up the public REST APIs on Predix Edge or on a generic Linux distribution, you must connect the UAA server with the public REST APIs Docker image. You can use the UAA service that is provided with Historian for Windows or Operations Hub.
Note: This feature is not implemented for Predix UAA.


  1. Access the /opt/historian/docker-compose-public-restapi.yml file.
  2. Add the extra hosts as shown in the following code sample, and save the file:
    version: '3.0'
        hostname: historian-rest-api
        image: ""
        - 9090:8080
        - /data/public-restapi/:/data/
        - /config/public-restapi/:/config/
        -  "VMHISTMONO:"
    Note: Modify this file carefully. Any extra space or change in indentation can impact the Docker functionality.
  3. Run the Docker Image.
  4. On the UAA machine, run the Certificate Management tool.
  5. Select External Trust, and then import the uaacert.pem file.
    • For Predix Edge, this file is located in the /var/lib/edge-agent/app/<application name>/data/ folder.
    • For a generic Linux distribution, this file is located in the /data/<application name>/ folder.
  6. When prompted to restart GeOphubMasterStarter, select No.
  7. Restart the GE Historian Tomcat service.