Migrating Historian Data from Windows to Linux

About this task

You can migrate data and metadata from an existing Windows-based Historian to Historian for Linux.

Before you begin


  1. Set the HS_MODE_OF_OPERATION environment variable in the historian-archiver-conf.json file to reload.
  2. Rename the .ihc file to <host name of the Docker container>_Config.
    If the name of the .ihc file from the Windows machine is WIN-2BLPS4FOACM_Config.ihc and the host name of the Historian database Docker container is machine-01, the .ihc file should be renamed machine-01_Config.ihc.
    Note: There is no need to rename the .iha files.
  3. Start the Historian database Docker container.
    Note: There is no need to set the HS_MODE_OF_OPERATION environment variable again when you restart the Docker container subsequently.