Secured OPCUA Collector Connectivity

When secured connectivity is enabled between the OPCUA DA server and collector, you must add the client certificate to the trusted list of certificates of the OPCUA DA server.
  1. Start the OPCUA DA collector in secured mode. The collector will not start.
  2. Locate the OPCUA DA local or remote server installation location on the machine where the OPCUA server is running. Typically, this can be found under C:\ProgramFiles\OPCUA Server Name\ in Windows Host.
  3. Locate the folder named rejected in the OPCUA DA server installation folder. If you are unable to locate it, check the OPCUA DA server manual for assistance.
  4. The client certificate is in the rejected folder. Copy and paste this certificate into the trusted list of certificates of the OPCUA server. The OPCUA DA server manual provides the folder where the trusted certificates are located.
  5. Restart the OPCUA DA collector.