B. Items Table

  Column Data Type   Length   Description Allow Nulls
P pKey bigint 8 Items primary key.
  • Automatically generated.
  • Internally used only.
id varchar 20 Item unique tracking ID.
refId varchar 20 Item reference ID of Item. Note: The reference ID can be seen through the PRT_UI.
fItemType bigint 8 Foreign Key to the Item’s Item Type; Item Type is found in the ItemTypes table.
created datetime 8 Date and time the Item was created.
modified datetime 8 Date and time the Item was last modified.
active bit 1 Flag to indicate the Item is actively in the production process. Internally used
  • For Historical TADB configuration only
  • To support the Archive method.
externalHoldActive bit 1 Flag indicating if an External Hold is active on the Item
groupID varchar 20 Foreign key to the Tracking Group Id; Group ID is found  in the TrkGroups table
internalHoldActive bit 1 Flag to indicate if an Internal Hold is active for the Item
internalHoldReason varchar 40 Reason for an active Internal Hold
itemStatusHI int 4 High word of Item status bits.

P = Primary key