1. TADB Enabled

About this task

Note: All projects must use the same TADB database.

The Tracker Collector (TrkCollector) uses the database configuration for the first project that starts on the server.

  • The process the Tracker Collector follows to determine where to store TADB data is as follows.


  1. If the project is connected to a TADB database, the TADB database is used.
  2. If Tracker Collector does not find a TADB database it looks in the Trkattribute.cfg file to determine if there is a TADB database or if it should use backing files.
  3. If there is no direction in the Trkattribute.cfg file TADB will not store TADB data.
    • Tracker Collector uses the same storage (or no storage) for all projects that start after the first project.
    • When a project starts, the PRT Collector:
  4. Determines what storage vehicle the Tracker Collector uses
  5. Uses the same storage vehicle.

    The following two steps enable TADB.

    Step 1 Enable TADB in the CIMPLICITY project.
    Step 2 Create a TADB database.