Enter a Value for a Setpoint

About this task

A value setpoint enables you to enter a value for a point on the CimView screen.

  • Setpoint: Enter Value.
  • Setpoint: Cancel Value Entry.
  • Example: Setpoint in CimView.

Setpoint: Enter Value


  1. Select the object.
  2. Do one of the following to activate the object for editing:
    • Press Enter on the keyboard or
    • Click the object with the left mouse button.
  3. Enter the new value for the setpoint.

    You can use Ctrl+Z to undo a single level of editing.

  4. Press Enter or Tab to perform the setpoint.

    Note: If you press Tab, the next action object is automatically highlighted.


The new value for the point displays in the Setpoint object.

Setpoint: Cancel Value Entry

Do one of the following.

  • Move the cursor away from the object; click the left mouse button.
  • Press Esc on the keyboard.

Example: Setpoint in Cinview

1 Current point value
2 Setpoint being changed.
3 New  point value displays