CIMPLICITY Runtime Features in CimView

You can review exact details about points that display through an open CimView screen or a trend for one or more of the included points. You do this by opening through CimView CIMPLICITY's.

  • Runtime features.
  • ActiveX objects embedded in CimView

Runtime Features

  • Open the Point Control Panel through CimView.
  • Open Quick Trends through CimView.
  • Use Expression View in CimView
  • Use Point View in CimView.
  • Review screen object properties during runtime.
Note:  The role assigned to your user ID must have authorization in order for you to
  • Display the Point Control Panel's right-click Popup menu.
  • Open the Point Control Panel or Quick Trends .

ActiveX Objects embedded in CimView

  • CIMPLICITY Historical Alarm Viewer
  • CIMPLICITY Recipe Control
  • CIMPLICITY Trend Control
  • CIMPLICITY XY Plot Control
  • Proficy Portal Control