DGR Limitations


  1. Active-X controls, including CIMPLICITY Active-X controls (e.g. Alarm Viewer and SPC) will not replay in DGR mode.  Putting a  screen with an Alarm Viewer control may cause the Alarm Viewer to malfunction.

    Note: The Trend Active-X control does work with DGR.

  2. DGR cannot replay array points and may malfunction as a result of attempting to do so.
  3. The DGR does not replay BYTE, WORD and DWORD points; however it does not generate errors. (Historian).
  4. The following attributes are not supported in DGR mode.
    • analog_deadband_n
    • deviation_ptid
    • setpt_check_ptid
    • extended_user_flags_high
    • extended_user_flags_log