About the Log in Panel

The Log in Panel is an interactive process that lets you monitor the state of remote or local projects you are logged into or attempting to log into on your computer. The Login Panel shows the status of projects for which there is an active connection. An active connection is made by an application on your computer that is collecting point or alarm data.

You can use this process to:

  • Log out of a CIMPLICITY project.
  • Override the current log in.
  • Change your CIMPLICITY user password.
  • Manage your saved log ins.

These actions do not require that you exit from any applications that are currently running. For example, if you are a supervisor, you can override the log in and privileges of an operator, log out, and return the system back to the operator's logged in state.

When you log out of a project, data collection and background processing continues. However, any open CIMPLICITY screens will no longer show point status.

Tip: CimLogin and CimLogout Basic Control Engine API's are available for use in CimView, e.g. to have a logout button on the screen.