About the Alarm Sound Manager

About this task

The Alarm Sound Manager is a stand-alone utility that plays sound and displays alarm information for selected running CIMPLICITY projects that are broadcasting on your local network. The Alarm Sound Manager plays sound for one alarm at a time, the alarm that has the highest priority based on your configuration (in both the Alarm Class Configuration dialog box and the CIMPLICITY® Alarm Sound Manager dialog box).

The CIMPLICITY® Alarm Sound Manager can be opened through the Windows Start menu and through the CIMPLICITY Workbench. Once opened, an icon is placed on the Windows Task bar. The icon can be used to display or minimize the dialog box.

The following are important requirements for operating systems in general and for Windows Server 2008 R2, specifically.

(All Operating Systems) Sound Configuration Required

You configure the sound (.wav file or beeps) for projects in each class' Alarm Classes Configuration dialog box.

The Alarm Sound Manager only deals with classes for which sound is configured.

As a result, the Alarm Sound Manager does not report alarms associated with classes for which no sound is configured.

You can create sound either:

  • From a wave file if your system supports .wav files.
  • With the beep, if your system has a speaker.

(Windows Server 2008 R2) Configuration Requirements

Windows Server 2008 R2 disables sound features in the default installation. The following sound features must be enabled in order to enable  the Alarm Sound Manager to play sound.


  1. Install the Desktop Experience server feature.
  2. Configure the Windows Audio service to start automatically.
  3. Configure the Beep service to start automatically, as follows.

    sc config beep start= auto

  4. Enable the SystemSoundsService task to run on user logon, as follows.
  5. Open the Task Scheduler.
  6. Select the Task Library.
  7. Navigate to Microsoft/Windows/Multimedia.
  8. Right-click the SystemSoundsService task and click Enable.
  9. Restart the server.


The Alarm Sound Manager will be able to play sound for a running project after the server is rebooted and the sound is configured.