About Dynamic Graphic Replay

Dynamic Graphical Replay (DGR) is a powerful tool to help you, a system administrator, troubleshoot problems that have occurred in your processes.

  • Configuration for DGR use.
  • DGR operation.


DGR enables you to review and diagnose what conditions may have led to an event of interest. Because the DGR automates reviewing either Database Logger or Proficy Historian logged data you can quickly and precisely pinpoint when and by how much one or more points deviated from the norm.

Using the DGR, you can:

  • View logged point data history using a project:
  • CimView screen.
  • Trend chart.
  • Point Control Panel.

Note: Replay speed can be up to a maximum of 100 times faster than real-time and a down to a minimum speed of 1/10 real-time.

  • Search logged data to locate when a point value meets a specified condition.
  • A Start Search functionality sets the playback start time to the time of a corresponding specified condition.
  • A Stop Search functionality pauses playback each time a specified condition is met.
  • Run independent DGR sessions on one or more terminal sessions, serving requests for play backs
  • DGR plays back values as follows.
DGR mode For DGR Plays Back
Live Points Real time values.
Point or class attributes Real time values.
Historical Replay Points Logged Logged values.
Points Not logged Not available
Point or class attributes Logged to SQL Server Logged values.
POINT_ID and TIMESTAMP Logged to Historian Logged values
Point  attributes or class attributes Not logged Current values.
  • Point ID and TIMESTAMP are the only attributes that are logged to Historian.
  • The DGR is local to the Viewer or Server on which it is running. When you switch to DGR mode all of the local CimView point data switches to DGR mode. As a result, your system can continue displaying live data on one viewer while it displays DGR time on another.


  • When running DGR with SQL Server, current Point attribute and class attribute values can be viewed. However, they are read-only.
Important: DGR does not run in Demo mode.